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Location:Tipolo, Mandaue City
Price:1,275,000.00 PHP
Lot Area: 25 sq m

DECA condominium in Tipolo, Mandaue City, named as Urban Homes under Fog Horn, Inc. This affordable cebu condo for sale will comprise of 20 buildings, all 4 storey connected to each other. It is strategically located in a peaceful community in Tipolo, Mandaue and walking distance from the main highway. 

Urban Deca Homes Tipolo
Updated as of FEBRUARY 14, 2016- Present

Available Price - Condo Units
Total Contract Price : Php 1,275,000.00 (25 sqm)
Reservation Fee is Php 10,000.00 
 Equity is payable for 3 months - 0% : Php 30,000.00
Mis.Cost : Php 3,000.00
Equity Required: Php 60,000.00
Estimaed Loanable Amount: Php 1,238,000.00 
Nilo Bautista
Cel  +639321264250
Tel  (6332) 5143342
REB PRC reg no. 5745   
  Helen Bautista
Cel  +639088724836
Sun  +639224646266
Tel  (6332) 5137655    
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Floor Plans (Click to enlarge)

Building 6 Floor Plan
Building 6 Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Building 2 Floor Plan
Building 2 Floor Plan
Building 3 Floor Plan
Building 3 Floor Plan
More Photos (Click to enlarge)

Typical floor plan
Typical floor plan


Unit Features

 Condo Unit Features

Description Studio Type Unit
Floor Area 25 sq.m
Structure Concrete Pre-cast Panels
Interior Painted,Plain Cement Finish
Exterior Painted,Plain Cement Finish
Floor Tile Finished
GF-3F Painted, Cement Finish
4F Gypsum Ceiling

Stairs Tile Finished with Railings
Partition Not Provided
Windows Sliding Window 
Jalousie Window for CR
Door Main Door Panel Door
CR & Terrace Flush Door
Door Locks Chrome Plated Lockset
Toilet & Bath
Wall Tile Finished (1.0 m height)
Floor Tile Finished
Shower Provided
Toilet Water Closet Flush Type
Lavatory Provided
Kitchen Counter Tiled
Kitchen Sink Provided
Kitchen Counter Cabinet Provided
Electrical Lines Complete on PVC Conduit
Switches/Outlets Provided 
Lights Receptacle Only
Waterlines Complete
Water Individual Connection
Plumbing Lines Complete
Septic Tank Provided
Roofing Colored Roofing for Units
Skylight Roofing for Hallway
Roof Framing Steel Purlins
Gutter/Fascia Painted, Bended Metal Fascia
Roof Gutter Provided
Downspout Provided
Fire Exit Provided
Contact for viewing:
Helen Bautista
Cel # +639088724836
Sun # +639224646266
Landline # 032 5137655
Email :


Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

Unit layout
Unit layout
toilet & bath
toilet & bath



Click the thumbnail to enlarge:

Pricelist Resale Unit with FREE Water Installation FEE Availability as of FEBRUARY 2017 - Present
Pricelist Resale Unit with FREE Water Installation FEE Availability as of FEBRUARY 2017 - Present

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